Azure Summit Technology Successfully Demonstrates 3U Switchblade RF Receiver to the US Navy

Azure Summit Technology, provider of high-performance RF electronics hardware, firmware, and software products for the Department of Defense, announced today that it has successfully demonstrated a 4-channel 3U open VPX software-definable RF receiver to the US Navy. Azure is in the process of finalizing the manufacturing and design of the receiver and will be ready for full rate production in 2QFY19.

Azure's 3U Switchblade receiver provides modular, open-architecture multi-channel RF performance with low cost and SWAP. It includes fully integrated RF, digital, and on-board computing resources in a form factor well-suited to small manned and unmanned air, surface, and subsurface platforms. The 3U Switchblade is fully compatible with all tuner modules and software/firmware applications that are available and in use with Azure's production Switchblade 6U transceivers, including both the 80 MHz and 500 MHz Instantaneous Bandwidth (IBW) tuners. It is also compatible with the Switchblade Wideband Transmitter Module, currently under development, that will enable the 3U to operate as a wideband transceiver.

"With the addition of the 3U form factor to the Switchblade product family, the Navy can deliver the same advanced RF mission capabilities to the warfighter across larger platforms, hosting the 6U, and smaller platforms, hosting the 3U, achieving substantial software/firmware reuse, simplified logistics, and lower development and lifecycle costs," stated Azure Summit Technology CEO, Dr. Thomas Green, Jr.

Azure Summit Technology is a mature, growing small business with locations in Fairfax, Virginia, and Melbourne, Florida, that develops and delivers high-performance RF hardware, firmware, and software products, and innovative, practical, multi-function RF systems solutions that address emerging missions of national importance for customers across the Department of Defense.

For more information on Azure Summit Technology, please contact CEO Dr. Thomas Green, Jr., at (571) 308-1400 or visit

SOURCE Azure Summit Technology
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