Royole to Fund $30,000,000 'Developer Support Project' to Support App Development on Their New FlexPai Foldable Smartphone

Royole Corporation, a leading innovator and manufacturer of next-generation human-machine interface technologies and products including advanced flexible displays, flexible sensors, and smart devices, announces its 'Developer Support Project' in which the company will invest $30M USD in supporting and encouraging software developers around the world to create a variety of new apps for the world's first commercial foldable smartphone, FlexPai. The project will help in building a software ecosystem for the foldable smartphone.

The launch of FlexPai has attracted world-wide media attentions from publications including Android Authority, BBC, Business Insider, CNBC, CNET, New York Times, Reuters, TechCrunch, and more. As a milestone product in the information and technology industry, FlexPai revolutionizes the way humans and machines interface, joining the computer and mobile internets into one, and defining a new direction for the future of smart devices.

Disrupting consumers' traditional concept of a smartphone, FlexPai can be used either folded or unfolded, giving it the portability of a smartphone plus the screen size of a high-definition tablet. When unfolded, FlexPai supports split-screen mode and multi-tasking; supports dual-SIM cards; supports drag-and-drop across applications, enabling it to share features just as a computer does; automatically adjusts screen sizes; and provides enjoyable video-watching and gaming experiences.

When folded, FlexPai can support dual screens with separate, simultaneous operations. The interface on the primary and secondary screens can mutually interact with each other, or independently use different interfaces without interfering with one another. Users can also get notifications on the edge screen side bar, which can be used to manage calls, messages, and other notices that may disturb the primary and secondary screen usage.

In addition to completely redesigned hardware, a new software ecosystem needed to be built. Royole customized the Water OS for FlexPai as the base for software applications to run, enabling the apps to adjust screen sizes between 4:3, 16:9, and 18:9 aspect ratios when folded or unfolded, offering consumers the incredible combination of large screen and portability experiences.

At the Global Product Launch Event in Beijing on October 31, 2018, Dr. Bill Liu stated that Royole's focus has and always will be on helping people better perceive their world through technological innovation. He also stated, "I believe our flexible products will provide value to consumers. FlexPai is a new start for us, and I am confident it will improve people's lives. And, through the 'Developer Support Project', we plan to grow the ecosystem, enabling consumers to experience their favorite apps in a new way."

SOURCE Royole Corporation
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