Stop Perverts From Spying in Airbnb, Cruises, Hotels & Bathrooms With SpyFinder PRO by on Kickstarter Now

The SpyFinder® PRO Hidden Camera Detector stops people from being watched and recorded, giving them peace of mind knowing that a room is free and clear of hidden cameras. In only a few seconds, the SpyFinder® PRO will expose any hidden camera lens. Even if the cameras are powered off and not recording, they will still be uncovered by the SpyFinder® PRO.

The news is dominated by horrified unsuspecting people getting their privacy destroyed by digital peeping toms who have installed hidden cameras in Airbnb, cruises, hotels, dressing rooms, apartments and many other locations people thought were safe. Until now, unsuspecting people had no way to know if their privacy is being violated until it's too late. Now with SpyFinder® PRO, travelers can feel safe from prying eyes when arriving to new locations.

SpyFinder® PRO recently launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding to raise awareness; our goal has already exceeded by over 250 percent. A little over half-way through our Kickstarter launch, there are no signs of the demand slowing down. During this soft launch period, it's being offered pre-sale with $50 off retail at only $198 per unit - or up to $100 off retail when backing five units at once. Free USA Shipping and Worldwide Express for a nominal freight fee to cover those costs.

Kickstarter backers from all around the world ranging from USA, Italy, Russia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Austria, Malaysia, Australia, South Korea, India, Netherlands, Finland, Qatar, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Bahrain, Oman, China, Norway and Sweden have all backed this project. SpyFinder® PRO works anywhere in the world.

Perfect for all business and vacation travelers and just in time for a great Christmas gift for the loved ones that one may wish to protect.

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